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Dear partners and customers of Könner & Söhnen®

Thank you for your interest in our products. We hope that equipment of Könner & Söhnen® will become your reliable assistant! Products provided by Könner & Söhnen® are the result of many years of experience of German specialists who took on the best of world famous brands and learned from their mistakes. Generators and garden equipment of Könner & Söhnen® were created in Germany to implement the concept of ‘affordable equipment’ as a synonym of quality and cost-efficiency.

The philosophy of the brand is based on the main principle and goal of our team, encoded in the logo and motto - TRADITIONS OF GERMAN QUALITY, passed down from generation to generation, from master (expert) to students, from father to sons, from producer to consumers. All the best, accumulated over the years of production and improvement of generators and garden equipment, we want to pass on to our children, our customers. We want our children, our customers to enjoy all the best created over the years of manufacture and refinement of our generators and garden equipment.

Given that many German brands have already taken their niches in the premium price range, people needed a new brand that would not be inferior in quality and offer decent goods at an affordable price. Könner & Söhnen brand was created to satisfy this demand. With a modernized line of branded generator engines, the Könner & Söhnen trademark owner eventually set to expand the product range. As a result, brand new tillers and water pumps of Könner & Söhnen® are now available to Ukrainian customers. Our experts did their best to ensure that all our products outperform their competitors in quality, while still remaining more affordable and preferable in terms of serviceability and usability. All our products are assembled under constant supervision of German experts in factories producing generators and garden equipment for leading brands in European and North American markets and undergoes testing at various production stages.

All our products meet European and international standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability (including harmful emissions and noise load). The line of engines specifically designed for generators, cultivators and water pumps of Könner & Söhnen® is also a result of multi-stage tests and cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers. Eventually, individual engine models were selected to be manufactured specifically under trademark Könner & Söhnen under license. Each engine used in generators, tillers or water pumps has a unique serial number, enabling us to monitor the quality of production and service. All engines undergo multi-stage testing for continuous, uninterrupted operation and then disassembled and inspected for defects. Increased engine capacity provides declared output voltage, which can be maintained during operation. Thanks to the manufacturer’s increased focus on market demand and customer needs, the range of generators and garden equipment of Könner & Söhnen® can satisfy the need of every customer.

Keeping pace with technological progress, Könner & Söhnen® constantly updates its product range and introduces new technologies which improve reliability, ecological compatibility and operational efficiency of our equipment. Having many years of experience and reliable partners, we can cope with any users’ needs and produce generators for special purposes: inverter generators, generators for welding, generators for industry and construction. As a result, we offer equipment that proudly carries on our motto and emphasizes the very essence of our team: TRADITIONS OF GERMAN QUALITY. Now it is available to you!

We invite you to cooperate. The Könner & Söhnen® brand is dynamically developing and has interest in new business partners and new markets. We are certain that our equipment will bring income and satisfaction from sale to our dealers and to our customers from the operation of qualitative and reliable equipment. We guarantee our partners and clients comprehensive support with spare parts and accessories, after-sales service, technical, informational and marketing support.

Kind regards, Könner & Söhnen Team