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DIMAX International GmbH



Along with the statutory warranty provided by the seller, Könner & Söhnen offers a voluntary manufacturer's warranty on their products. The warranty period is 2 years from the date of manufacture and covers defects that existed at the time of delivery to the buyer. The invoice from one of our authorized dealers with the date of purchase serves as proof for the warranty claim.

The statutory warranty claim should be addressed to the seller.


  • If the faulty function of the product did not result from a production defect or other defects that existed at the time of delivery to the buyer.
  • If the user does not follow the instructions in the user manual regarding the use and maintenance of the purchased item.
  • If identification stickers or labels, serial numbers are missing.
  • If malfunctions of the item occur due to improper transportation, storage, or inadequate maintenance.
  • In the case of mechanical damage (cracks, chips, dents, and falls, deformation of the casing, power cable, plug, or other components, including those caused by water freezing (ice formation).
  • In case of malfunctions caused by internal or external contamination, e.g. contamination of the fuel, oil, or cooling system.
  • If the item is not installed correctly or used improperly.
  • If the alleged malfunction cannot be diagnosed or proven.
  • If the proper operation of the item can be restored as a result of cleaning, proper adjustment, maintenance, oil change, etc.
  • When using the emergency power generator not as an emergency power source but as a permanent power source without adhering to maximum allowable running times and maximum operating duration for the respective model.
  • In case of malfunctions resulting from overloading the item. Signs of overloading include the fusion or discoloration of parts due to high temperatures, damage to the surfaces of the cylinder or piston, destruction of piston rings, connecting rod bushings, etc.
  • The warranty does not cover the failure of the automatic voltage regulator or inverter module in backup generators due to damage caused by connected power consumers or incorrect installations.
  • In the case of signs of mechanical or thermal damage to electrical cables or connectors.
  • If foreign objects, debris, metal shavings, etc. are found inside the item.
  • If malfunctions are caused by the use of unauthorized fuels and motor oils.
  • If malfunctions occur in two or more assemblies that are not interconnected.
  • If the failure occurs as a result of natural factors - dirt, dust, moisture, high or low temperatures, natural disasters.
  • For consumable parts and accessories (spark plugs, nozzles, pulleys, filter and safety elements, accumulators, detachable devices, belts, rubber gaskets, clutch springs, axles, hand starters, lubricants, equipment).
  • For maintenance (cleaning, lubrication, flushing), installation, and adjustment.
  • If the item has been opened, modified, or self-repaired.
  • In case of malfunctions resulting from normal wear and tear due to continuous use (expiration of the service life).
  • If after the identification of the fault, the operation of the item is not stopped but continued.
  • The supplied batteries with the device are covered by a warranty of 3 months.