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DIMAX International GmbH


Instructions for Goods Acceptance and Behavior in Case of Transportation Damage

If the ordered goods need to be shipped on behalf of the consumer, as the entrepreneur, we bear the transport risk until the goods are handed over to the recipient. The consumer can demand compensation if the goods are damaged or lost during transport, but the transportation damage or missing goods must be reported to us promptly.

The consumer or the recipient specified by them must inspect the goods immediately upon receipt for completeness and conformity with the delivery documents and, if necessary, report it promptly; otherwise, the delivery is considered approved.

Two types of transportation damages are generally distinguished:

Obvious Transportation Damage.

Example: Packaging damaged or dented, parts of the goods protruding from the packaging.

Procedure: Indicate the type of damage (e.g., defective packaging, dented casing, etc.) on the delivery note and have the delivery driver confirm this by signature. If the driver refuses, make sure to still note the damage and add: "Driver's signature missing, as refused." If the signature is to be made on a display device, sign slightly smaller and add the note "DEFECT" as clearly as possible. Additionally, the driver should mark the shipment as defective in his electronic data processing (EDP). Take evidence photos if possible.

Hidden Transportation Damage.

Example: The carton or pallet is undamaged from the outside, but the goods show damages after opening.

Procedure: Before opening the packaging, take photos of the packaging, and immediately after opening, take photos of the content, which will be needed for claiming in case of hidden transportation damage or missing goods. A hidden damage to the package contents can be claimed from the delivery service up to 7 days after receipt. We can process this if you send us a description of the damage along with evidence photos. Please do not use damaged goods under any circumstances! The consequential damages caused thereby must be borne by the consumer.

General Notes:

We often handle minor transportation damages and minimal repairs in mutual agreement outside of regular transportation damage processing. Please contact us if a minor damage is present. Usually, an uncomplicated solution can be found.

Claims for replacement delivery or refund can only be made by the customer once the transportation damage has been clearly determined or a tracing procedure has been completed.

Please make sure that neighborhood delivery is generally permissible, provided that the recipient is also notified about it.